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How do I get the cheapest electric skateboard?

As we all know, electric skateboards are pricey items, which often costs more than $1000. And, it is not a secret that most of its fans are youngsters, who are often financially unstable. Over $100 is just too much money to pour on an electrically powered toy/novelty/plank vehicle, and cheaper options usually come with bad quality.

Luckily, there are some measures to solve the problem. You don’t have much money? Rest assured, you can get something decent within your budget. Don’t keep your expectation too high, but I’m sure the solutions below can somehow satisfy you.

05 ways to get the cheapest electric skateboards

Skateboard concave shapes
Skateboard concave shapes

1. Look for discounts and coupons

The cut-throat competition in the market brings customers certain benefits, and one of them is discounts. All electric skateboard manufacturers have an online channel for you to follow and keep up with their newest notifications. That means if you are lucky enough, you can get your dream item at half of the retail price. Besides, you can gather a group and buy in bulk to earn incentives.

This option gives you chances to own high-quality items with a bargain cost, but you have to wait patiently for a discount event. Occasions like Black Friday or Christmas are when you may be rewarded. Sometimes, electric skateboard companies throw out discounts for mostly no reason, so you have to watch them closely.

2. Pre-order a new electric skateboard from crowdfunding websites

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are famous names in this field. Many start-ups, including electric skateboard companies, found their success by crowdfunding on the foundations. The initial price on the websites is ridiculously cheap, and with one pre-order, you are helping a new brand building its name.

However, it is a hit or miss choice. Since the companies are start-ups, we cannot be sure of their products’ quality. You may get a wonderful item, or you may spend your money on a piece of rubbish. It depends highly on your luck.

3. Buy a second-hand product

Some people regard an electric skateboard as a companion, some just take it as a toy vehicle. Therefore, they might get bored with it and want to sell it off. Keep an eye on second-hand markets or online foundations. If you are lucky enough, you could get what you want.

However, you have to decide quickly when you see the chance because many people are also waiting for the same opportunity.

4. Get a cheaper product by making some compromises

skateboard for beginner adults
skateboard for beginner adults

Besides the high-end skateboards, there are cheaper products in the market, too. Obviously, you cannot expect all the bells and whistles from the cost of a couple of hundred bucks, but you can get decent ones as long as you have proper instructions and recommendations.

Find a reliable online store, search for the list of electric skateboards categorized by price range for low to high, and choose the ones that suit your taste. Then, look for reviews from previous customers. Some of them will let you know what to love and to hate about the models.

5. Build your own skateboard

The option requires you to give serious planning and research. It means you have to understand the mechanisms of the electric skateboard thoroughly. It is not simple to build a board, not to mention an electrical-powered product. There are risks everywhere. You skateboard may not provide a high-performance ride, or worse, will not work.

Then, you have to gather high-quality parts. Actually, not all of them are cheap. You should find a reliable dealer, or you may end up buying garbage or get cheated to pay much more than the amount you expect. Many people try and build their own skateboard due to their low budget and instead find themselves ridiculous with expensive parts and no usable vehicles.

6. Order a counterfeit board directly from China

Though I cannot recommend it, it may be the quickest one to get the cheapest electric skateboard on Earth. We all know that China is the largest counterfeit product factory over the world, and things manufactured from the country could be almost 100% the same as the authentic ones, at least from the outside look.

However, the quality of a fake is never the same as an original. The skateboard you buy may look exactly the same as real products, but an expert could tell the differences just by looking at the way it works. Then, after some time going smoothly, its performance will dwindle, and finally, break down. If you consider an electric skateboard more a fun thing to do than a serious hobby to pursue, then this option is definitely for you. After all, we don’t need to pay much for petty entertainment.

What is a good electric skateboard?

the best electric skateboard
the best electric skateboard

There are many criteria that you should keep in mind when searching for an electric skateboard. But, if you plan to buy one with a modest budget, there are some certain features you should take into consideration.

First, it’s the range. Which mileage is suitable for your purpose? Are you using the vehicle for commuting or just having some fun?

Then, think about the performance. A decent product must give you a pure pleasure to ride on. Examine the wheels and trucks before making the purchase. Even when you are an amateur, you’d better learn some basic things about the two parts, because they are crucial when deciding if the board is worth the price you pay.

Finally, motor wattage is not less important. It involves greatly to achieve excellent performance.

Final thought

The Best Skateboarding Shoes
The Best Skateboarding Shoes

Clearly, you get what you pay for. The principle is true even to electric skateboards. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot dream about riding on such items when a tight budget. By making some compromises, seriously planning an researching, you could surely find a suitable option. Since we don’t have much money to spend, the only measure is to be prepared and be smart. Good luck in looking for your dream electric skateboard. Hope you have fun!