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Which shoes are best for skateboarding?

It’s recommended for skateboarders to select a good pair of shoes that is suitable for their skateboarding styles. However, not all of us know exactly what kind of shoes we need as skate shoes can come in various builds and features. That being said, if you’re still confused about the best types of shoes for skateboarding, our post will be discussing every aspect in this regard.

Do You Need Skate Shoes?

While there are lots of different skate shoes on the market, most people can’t tell the differences between them and regular shoes. And to make matter worse, many cheap companies tend to make poor-quality shoes and categorized them as skate shoes. This makes it pretty difficult for skateboarders to select a decent pair of shoes from all these messes, especially for the skateboard beginners.

Still, if you were able to find some high-quality skate shoes, you’ll find them a lot better than the so-called “skateboarding shoes” on the market. These shoes are made with skateboarding in mind. Hence, they’ll do a great job of providing maximum comfort and performance.

Having said that, we always recommend skateboarders to get themselves a good pair of skate shoes depending on their preferences. You can really feel the differences as you put them on your feet and skate with them.

The following article would show you exactly how you can pick the right skate shoes from thousands of different products out there. And even if the shoes you’re aiming for aren’t labeled as “skate shoes”, if they come with the right features, you can also grab them. You just need to base on our guides to choose a suitable pair of shoes for your skating styles.

Choosing Shoes For Skateboarding

Stylish panda design
Stylish panda design

Vulcanized or cup sole

This is probably the most debated topic when it comes to skateboard shoes as the two types of shoes have their own advantages and disadvantages which really go well with different skating styles.


These shoes are constructed from two separate part with the top and the bottom being glued to each other by a rubber cover. Vulcanized shoes often come with thinner sole, allowing for better board feels. They’re also easy to break in, allowing you to have a relatively comfortable ride. Plus, these shoes usually offer relatively good prices. However, wearing vulcanized shoes will not be a good idea if you usually do a lot of flying tricks.

Cup Sole

With cup sole shoes, the top sit on the bottom like being held in a cup sole (hence, the name). With this design, the sole is usually thicker, providing better heel protection. In additions, due to their unique construction, cup sole shoes usually last longer compared to other types of shoes. However, keep in mind that these shoes are harder to break in and also cost more than most vulcanized shoes.

High, mid, or low top

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard
Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

When we say that the shoes have high, mid, or low top, we always refer to the height of your shoes from the heel to the ankle.

High top

These shoes usually cover the entire ankle and providing maximum support and cushioning to the area. However, with the shoe c on your ankle, you would likely to feel uncomfortable during a long ride.

Low top

On the other hand, low top shoes offer exceptional flexibility as it allows you to move your ankles to how you like it. However, the lack of ankle supports might result in injuries if you are not careful.


And if you’re looking for something in the middle, the mid-top shoes might be a better choice. It provides a mild level of ankle support while still allowing for flexible movements on your feet.

Shoe Sole

The Shark Wheel Review
The Shark Wheel Review

Choosing the right sole for your skate shoes is really important as you’ll rely heavily on the shape and build of the sole to protect your feet as well as enhancing the performance.

That being said, you should start with flat soles that have a little amount of pitch, which is the differences in height of the heel and the toe. For skateboarding, you would want to have your feet completely flat on the shoes so that you can have a better board feel.

In addition, for those who have sensitive heels or are more into flying and jumping techniques, having shoes with heel support and cushion is really important. You don’t want that heel bruises to come and haunt you over and over again.

Toe Cap

Whenever we say toe cap, we always mean the part that wraps around your toe area of your shoes. These are additional components on your shoes which are added to reduce the wear and tear when you skate on your shoes.

If you are someone who often does toe flip, then these part would keep your shoes from being damaged. However, if all you’ll ever do is heelflips, then this doesn’t matter too much.

Suede shoes

You can never go wrong with suede skate shoes as they offer both the performance and durability that you would expect from high-quality products. You’ll feel extra confident wearing these shoes as they won’t likely to break like traditional canvas shoes. Plus, the feel of the suede sliding on your grip tape will give you extra board control. And if you prefer longevity over durability, the leather shoes can offer a little bit more protection from wear and tear.


The Quest longboards
The Quest longboards

And finally, for skate shoes, it’s always better to go for the ones that feature double or triple stitches. Having this feature would greatly enhance the performance and comfortability of your shoes, allowing them to be more effective during your skateboarding session.

And that’s our opinions on which are the best skate shoes for skateboarding. A little advice, if you’re interested in getting a pair of skate shoes for yourself, don’t go for other recommendations but consider your preferences first.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.